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The Week in Reviews...In Review

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"The epilogue part which is predictable but quite good, redeems a little what came before, but overall New Model Army was a B from me and a minor disappointment."- Fantasy Book Critic

"It will definitely be hard to top a novel such as this and I'm not sure if other novels will be as developed and well rounded as Neverland was."- Fantasy Book Critic

"The King of the Crags" was less of a favorite then The Adamantine Palace since it brought only a little new stuff at the table so to speak..."- Fantasy Book Critic

"The Hourglass Door has caught my eye as a YA romance/time travel novel. It seemed to have a unique twist on the regular romance novels that were coming out in mass quantities."- Fantasy Book Critic

"Plot-driven adventures with characters so vivid you feel like you’re right there with them through every disaster. These books are like potato chips–you can’t stop eating them up. It’s a rare gift to craft a book as riveting as Bewitched and Betrayed."- Debuts and Reviews

"This, my friends, is how young adult fantasy is done. In The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley has created a world out of whole cloth and polished it until it shines..."-

"So while it wasn't as disjointed in feel as was Lord of ChaosA Crown of Swords contained too many dull and redundant moments for me to be enthused about reading it.  Onwards and upwards."- OF Blog of the Fallen

"‘Spellwright’ made for some infuriating reading at times. I could see a potentially very good story itching to get out from underneath a mass of unnecessary text, very much like Nicodemus’ latent powers in fact!"- Graeme's Fantasy Review

"Kraken is...the story of a young man awakening to world around him, it’s a story of loss, it’s an apocalyptic, action-packed thriller, it’s magical, it’s squidpunk, it’s all a bad joke…and it’s simply an example of a master at work. Highly recommended. 8.5/10"- Nethspace


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