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Two Dudes Review: The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett

 In an effort to be somewhat different, we've decided to start a once a month chatlog review of a book that Darren and I both read. So, without further ado, welcome to Two Dudes Review: The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett    Bryce: So, this is Two Dudes Review. Let's get right to some gripes. One thing that bugged me was the ending, more specifically the character development of Renna. She just flew way too quickly from helpless girl to murderous She Beastie...also, she reminded me of what's her name from Joe Abercrombie's series a little too much. 
 Darren: Yeah, I agree...
  Bryce: You know, tough amazon chick that loves blood...whatever her name was.
  Darren: She has almost zero character development.
2:39 AM Which really is alright, but she's pushed way too fast into the middle of everything.
  Bryce: Or maybe it's that she has almost ten million character development. she grew too fast, and we all know what happens when you do split your pants
  Maybe that's why she had to cut them part way through the book?
  Darren: Fair enough. Fair enough,
2:40 AM But I'm thinking that, (at least it seems this way to me) the author had a much bigger arc planned for her, and just didn't write it.
  Either for time constraints or what have you.
  Bryce: Could well be. Maybe she plays a huge part in the third book and he needed to hurry her along to meet that part.
  Darren: But she goes from farm girl to murdering psycho hose beast in like 3 chapters.
  sorry, Spoilers!
2:41 AM  Bryce: It's all right.
No one reads this blog anyway :P
  Darren: hehehe, fair enough
  we do though!
  i didn't want to spoil it... for... me?
  I dunno, whatever
  Bryce: Yep
  So, favorite part of the book?
2:42 AM  Darren: Gotta be when we got to see Par'Chin from Jardir's point of view.
  How awesome and strange he was
  Bryce: Yeah, it really made him larger than life
  especially to someone that hated outsiders
  Darren: Well, yes and no
  He seemed larger than life to the Krasians
  but we saw him when he was a sniveling farm boy
  so it's an interesting dichotomy for us
2:43 AM  Bryce: ooh, +5 for that word
  Darren: meh, I use that word as often as possible, cause it makes me sound smart
  Bryce: good call
  For me, it was all about how Brett just dumps a big bucket of gray paint on his first book, which was much more black and white
  Getting to see everything from Jardir's point of view did a lot of that
  Darren: Yeah, and throws in a history book.
2:44 AM Yep
  I agree
  Bryce: So I guess we both have the same favorite part, to an extent
  Darren: Yeah, but at the same time... that's the slowest part of the book
  Bryce: Although Jardir's part was a little slow...
  whoa, mind reading!
  Darren: although... come to think of it, if that wasn't my favorite part, it'd have to be when Arlen was arming the Hollow
2:45 AM cause that's pretty cool
  Bryce: That was pretty cool.
  Darren: it's on the same scale as Perrin arming the Two Rivers in TWoT
  just unexpected and awesome
  Bryce: I liked the fight scene between a certain two unspoilered women.
  Darren: oh yeah!
  yeah, favorite scene all told for me
  it was pretty fun
2:46 AM  Bryce: Any time there's a demon skull and poisoned needles chick fight, I'm in!
  Darren: and possession!
  Bryce: ooh, very true
  Darren: always a bonus
  Bryce: So, comparing it to the first book, how do they stack up?
  Darren: plus it was two hot chicks, I mean, come on! magical cat fight? where do I buy tickets?
  Bryce: True, True
  Darren: first book is waaaaay better I think
  I like this book, but...
  Bryce: I'd have to agree
2:47 AM  Darren: the first book is just solid
  this one seems a little frayed and glued on the edges
  I think this sets up a good start for a third book, but the first one did that too, so it doesn't have anything over the first one there
  Bryce: My only complaint about the first book was I didn't like seeing the Painted Man become so dark...but the second book showed me he had a heart again, so it's all good. I think that book 3 has the potential to be better the other two.
2:48 AM  Darren: yeah, I agree. I think it has the POTENTIAL... we'll see if it pans out
  I have faith in Mr. Brett's style of writing, but... I was slightly disappointed in the second book
2:49 AM  Bryce: was still good, especially for a young author...but he's gonna have to win me over again with the third book.
  Darren: Although I must admit that I do like the fact that the second book brought Arlen back as a character...
  Bryce: Agreed. That raised its score from me quite a bit.
  Darren: The end of the first book, he was just the random awesome dude that saved everyone.We actually get his perspective again.
  It was nice.
2:50 AM  Bryce: It was totally necessary.
  Darren: Agreed.
  Bryce: If he had left him as superman, I wouldn't have been able to read the next book.
  Darren: well, that depends if he brought in a suitable replacement, which Jardir, for all his interestingness, is not.
  Bryce: If you've got a point of view character, and they're not dead, they'd darned well better continue to be a point of view character down the line. Otherwise, I've wasted time investing emotionally in them.
2:51 AM And that makes me sad in the pants.
  Darren: yeah, there is that... but sometimes that's what the author wants. is a slap in the emotional face so to speak.
  Bryce: A kick in the emotional groin.
  Darren: oh no, we are not degenerating into metaphor...
2:52 AM  Bryce: Maybe that should be the title of this Desert Spear review: A slight kick in the emotional groin.
  Darren: A slight kick in the emotional groin, but more worth it.
  Bryce: An emotional groin kick that comes with a bag of book 3 ice?
  Okay, we're done here.
  Darren: Yeah, done.
2:53 AM calling it...
   Bryce: Called
  Darren: 12:52 is time of death
  That was two dudes reviewing stuff!
  Darren: Thanks!


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